TheVoiceOfJoyce The results are in, Moderna booster shot gives us better immunity to the Omicron strain and the new variants. Even those with multiple infections, benefited from the booster for 3 months. Take the booster, now, before the winter surge and let’s turn the corner on Covid. Until we’re all Vaccinated, Covid calls the “ shots”.

Bivalent boosters offer the potential for optimal protection against Covid-19 and this new data further supports the NHS autumn booster vaccine strategy in the UK,” said Darius Hughes, Moderna’s UK general manager.

Moderna’s bivalent booster shot primes the immune system to defend against the original coronavirus strain that emerged in China in 2019 and the first Omicron variant, BA.1, which was behind the UK’s vast wave of Covid infections last winter.

According to the firm, when given as a fourth booster shot, the bivalent vaccine produced higher levels of antibodies against BA.1 than their original vaccine, regardless of how many previous Covid infections the recipients had experienced. The higher antibody response held for at least three months, the data suggested.

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