TheVoiceOfJoyce There is no equivalency between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. The Republican Party stands for fear mongering, anti semitism, anti African Americans and others. The Republican Party has shaped our educational system and banned important books about our history. The Republican Party does not believe in Hispanics or any immigrants. Though most illegal immigrants came here under George Bush. Immigrants, according to the Republican Party, are an ok group to bash, as long as they accept low wages. No one in this Country, can afford to vote Republican, unless you’re a secure (financially) racist. Remember, United we Stand! There is no reason to lose our sense of civility and equal Justice for all, just because Republicans have made it ok to hate openly. Their hatred , as we know, has led to violence and insurrection. I’ve never espoused voting for one Party before, however, to preserve our Democracy, everyone must #RockTheVote for Democrats , this November. After 10 years of talking and writing about Politics, I’m convinced, Americans have no other choice. We can start building an Independent Party, it’s not here yet. In November,2022, Vote Democrat, your life, livelihood and Democracy depend on your vote! ( Don’t believe me?Read the facts below in the Guardian. Dig deeper! Unfortunately, the Republican Party has become the Party of Hate, Fear of others, violence, States Rights and Corporate self Regulation. They don’t like other people and they show it , with their intolerance. )

Republicans are fighting their first election since the presidency of Donald Trump. But far from entering next month’s midterms as the party of tolerance, diversity and sincerity, critics say, they have shown itself to be unapologetically the party of hate.

The ‘election-denier trifecta’: alarm over Trumpists’ efforts to win key posts

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Perhaps nothing captures the charge more eloquently than a three-word post that appeared on the official Twitter account for Republicans on the House of Representatives’ judiciary committee – ranking member Jim Jordan – on 6 October. It said, simply and strangely: “Kanye. Elon. Trump.”

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