TheVoiceOfJoyce When is it time to say Corporations are abusing workers and this abuse has to stop? Clearly, American business has become a surveillance state with no regulation. Where is Union power? Where is OHSA? we had institutions protecting the American worker. Every person I speak with has a horror story about burnout on their job. People are not robots. I can’t imagine a workplace where 115 packages are processed every second. I ran businesses humanely and worked for 3 different multi National Corporations who treated workers humanely and made a profit. Why have we allowed poor working conditions to persist? Certainly, you can’t vote Republican, they stand for self regulation of Corporations and States Rights. You can vote Democrat and Independent and demand a return to Government oversight of Businesses! I wouldn’t accept abuse, why are you? This is a universal problem, every worker feels the burden of work. Laws must change to protect “We the People”. There is power in numbers, stop being fearful and demand your Union act on your behalf.

After news of the death broke, workers at UPS Worldport spoke to the Guardian about conditions at the site under anonymity for fear of retaliation for speaking with the media. They claim intense productivity and quota pressures on workers, common injuries on the job, an unclean environment, worn-out equipment, and understaffing of sections all take a heavy toll on staff.

“The working conditions are tragic,” said a UPS worker who has been at the site for a year. “She was pregnant, I believe she was in her second trimester, and she got fired because she fell asleep on the job and instead of being walked out, because whenever a person gets fired, the manager who fires them has to walk them off into the property and that manager didn’t do that. She said that she has to collect herself in the bathroom and he didn’t make sure that she came out of the bathroom, so she was given free rein of the property.”

She was found dead at the facility later that evening.

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