AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 149: “Equal?”

I have a pet peeve. Perhaps you do too! I don’t like saying the Internet treats everyone equally. It doesn’t. The Internet is not neural. It amplifies misinformation, disinformation and harm. The truth has a small following.

Are our Congress people equal? I hear a pox on both parties. Not so fast. The TrumpGOP has a platform that supports corporate self regulation, small Federal Government & large State Government, a debt ceiling and no aid to Ukraine. That’s not my idea of championing Democracy or my Freedoms. Is it yours? Not your, too? Listen to my YouTube and perhaps we can agree. There’s very little common ground between the Parties. When I’m preserving my Freedoms and my right to the good life and support of Ukraine. I’m thinking pro Democrat, pro Independent, and pro Democracy.

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