TheVoiceOfJoyce How is it possible Disinformation is amplified? Why do Social Media sites lack adequate content control? Self regulation of all Social Media sites , Big Tech and the spin offs, like Parlor or Truth Social, spread falsehoods that are retweeted and then they are passed back to the larger Social Media sites. Nothing stays in one silo, the algorithms and individuals creating false narratives, do it full time. Many are paid. If text doesn’t pass the moderators on major tech platforms, then videos pass. This is how false and disinformation spreads, undermining our Democracy. A few conservative players, with a vested interest to keep Trump politically active, are spreading the majority of disinformation about the Democratic Party and the January 6 th Insurrection. They’re also creating misinformation about the election and polling sites. If you remember one thing when you vote in the 2022 mid terms and you must vote, vote Democratic or Independent. The Republican Party cooperates with each other and have one platform. The Republican Party no longer represents people, they represent UN regulated businesses, the ones that are now harming American workers and they represent states Rights, the ones who are making it difficult to vote and difficult to have expanded Medicaid and Healthcare. The Republicans have also become the Party of Climate deniers and don’t want innovations and innovators!

With the midterm elections only weeks away, the major platforms have all pledged to block, label or marginalize anything that violates company policies, including disinformation, hate speech or calls to violence.

Still, the cottage industry of experts dedicated to countering disinformation — think tanks, universities and nongovernment organizations — say the industry is not doing enough. The Stern Center for Business and Human Rights at New York University warned last month, for example, that the major platforms continued to amplify “election denialism” in ways that undermined trust in the democratic system.

Another challenge is the proliferation of alternative platforms for those falsehoods and even more extreme views.

Many of those new platforms have flourished in the wake of Mr. Trump’s defeat in 2020, though they have not yet reached the size or reach of Facebook and Twitter. They portray Big Tech as beholden to the government, the deep state or the liberal elite.

Parler, a social network founded in 2018, was one of the fastest-growing sites — until Apple’s and Google’s app stores kicked it off after the deadly riot on Jan. 6, which was fueled by disinformation and calls for violence online. It has since returned to both stores and begun to rebuild its audience by appealing to those who feel their voices have been silenced.

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