TheVoiceOfJoyce How misinformation spreads? Since the midterms are upon us, it’s necessary to counter disinformation and misinformation. Since there’s no regulation in place to monitor all platforms and TikTok’s algorithm is not shared, their video content is misleading and harmful to young people. Since it’s monitored by China, misinformation on the Ukrainian War also proliferates. There’s only two ways to get around misinformation and disinformation on Social Media: regulation and since time is of the essence, circumvent social media lies and discuss what democracy stands for, every citizen can talk about a way of life they prefer, with more guaranteed freedoms from harm. Then imagine the nihilism under Trumps GOP and the possibilities of a clean slate for workers, more benefits and pay with dignity. We can do it! The NLRB is ready! Vote Democrat & Independent, a Parties that can Legislate Regulation that works for “We the People”! Politics affects US!

Why TikTok is so vulnerable to misinformation

Part of the reason TikTok is uniquely susceptible to misinformation lies in certain features of its design and algorithm, experts say.

Its For You Page, or general video feed, is highly customized to users’ individual preferences via an algorithm that’s little understood, even by its own staff. That combination lends itself to misinformation bubbles, said Little, the Media Matters researcher.

“TikTok’s hyper-tailored algorithm can blast random accounts into virality very quickly, and I don’t think that is going to change anytime soon because it’s the reason it has become such a popular platform,” she said.

Meanwhile, the ease with which users’ remix, record, and repost videos – few of which have been fact-checked – allows misinformation to spread easily while making it more difficult to remove.

TikTok’s video-exclusive content brings up additional moderation hurdles, as artificial intelligence processes may find it more difficult to automatically scrape video content for misinformation compared to text.

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