TheVoiceOfJoyce Servants of the Damned, a new book on Jones Day, the attorneys who shaped our Supreme Court for Donald Trump, with Don McGahn ( a Jones Day leaders) advice. Mitch McConnell was in total approval. The Republican Party represented the rights of the Corporation over the Rights of “We the People”. How did they do it. Jones Day legal appointees came up with the Texas Two Step, a way for major Corporations to escape litigation, by ring fencing their business with a bankrupt entity, that can’t be sued by individuals or class action lawsuits. Corporations are not responsible for our health and well being. They beat no responsibility for asbestos poisoning, tinnitus, forever chemicals and the list continues. Make no mistake, Republican cooperation is for their constituents, the Corporation. They don’t like the Federal Government, unless they can sue it . They were successful in trying to curtail the EPA, overturn Roe and defund agencies that help people. Still voting Republican?

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