TheVoiceOfJoyce Day 244 and the war continues. When civilians leave their cities, the Russians destroy their buildings and infrastructure, making them unlivable. Fierce fighting is taking place in several annexed territories. The German Chancellor arrived in Kyiv today and the EU pledges reconstruction. Meanwhile, in the US 30 members of the Progressive Caucus have asked Biden to engage in active diplomacy to end this war while simultaneously providing arms. Zelensky has a lot to contend with, including one collaborator accused of selling helicopter engines to Russia. Food prices have gone up 65% in the UK, all attributed to Putin’s War. Genocide is costly in human lives and collateral damage. This War concerns everyone!

Replying to @ONS

Groceries that have increased in price in the last year include:

 vegetable oil by 65%

 pasta by 60%

 tea by 46%

 chips by 39%

 bread by 38%

 biscuits by 34%

In the last five months:

 vegetable oil by 46%

 chips by 24%

 bread by 22%

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