TheVoiceOfJoyce The War in Ukraine is not staying in the Ukraine. Russia imports its missiles, if they go after American and British trained Afghan forces, that should be a red line for a counter measure Putin? Stop fighting on Putin’s terms and win. Putin is in the process of dismantling Ukraine’s manufacturing facilities, that’s why they’re clearing out the provinces. They’ll build Ukrainian helicopters in Russia with Ukrainian deportations. Ukraine must maintain their counteroffensive.

The Nobel Foundation has made the decision to not invite the Russian and Belarusian ambassadors to its storied prize ceremony this year, even though the foundation typically extends an invitation to all ambassadors stationed in Sweden. “In view of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine the Foundation has chosen not to invite the ambassadors of Russia and Belarus to the Nobel Prize award ceremony in Stockholm,” the foundation said in statement. The foundation jointly awarded this year’s peace prize to the Centre for Civil Liberties, a Ukrainian human rights organisation, in conjunction with Memorial, a Russian human rights group outlawed by the Kremlin, and the veteran Belarussian activist Ales Bialiatski, who is being held in prison without trial in his native country.

Russia is purportedly recruiting members of Afghanistan’s highly respected national army commando corps to fight in Ukraine, Foreign Policy is reporting. These are the commandos that were trained by US navy seals and British armed forces. About 20,000 to 30,000 of the volunteer commandos were left behind when the US left Afghanistan in Taliban control in August 2021.

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