TheVoiceOfJoyce Day 245 ! The War increases intensity as Zelensky prepares to retake Kherson. There are many casualties on both sides and Ukrainians continue to require defensive weapons. When does Putin’s war have consequences for Russia? Reparations should be a formal proposal, along with confiscation of supporting Oligarch wealth. When does the World stand as one and deny Putin the ability to make income to support the War in Ukraine? Why can’t we hack into the Russian propaganda machine? Can’t the Pope put pressure on the Russian Orthodox Church? The Church may have more power, than it knows? Lots of questions, since I’m not privy to discussions, I just want to avoid more destruction and Genocide, as Ukrainians continue their Counteroffensive! The Ukrainians are entitled to their land and to live in peace.

The US is considering sending older Hawk air defence equipment from storage to Ukraine, two US officials told Reuters.

Zelenskiy and the European hosts of a donor conference laid out a vision of a future Ukraine as a European Union member and major exporter of green energy to the continent.

The European Commission urged EU countries and companies to donate more money and equipment to support the energy sector in Ukraine, over a third of which has been destroyed by Russian missile and drone strikes.

Ukraine’s external financing needs will be around $3bn a month through 2023 in a best case scenario, but could rise as high as $5bn, said the IMF managing director, Kristalina Georgieva.

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