TheVoiceOfJoyce Day 246, the battle for Kherson is on the move and is anticipated to be street fighting in the mud and rain. More bodies of children found dead in Kharkiv. Why? Cultural Institutions destroyed by Russia, specifically targeting historical sites, museums and art centers in an attempt to erase a Culture older then Russia’s. Russia became a sovereign entity in the late 1500’s. Before that , the Duchy of Lithuania reigned the region. In other news, UN to release grain embargo. The Carnage , the lies and threats by Putin persist, Satanism is now his fairy tale reason for destroying Ukraine? Is everyone in Russia reading Russian Fairy tales? I wonder, when Putin launches one nuclear tipped missile, does he realize, it will be the last!

The UN culture agency, Unesco, has said it is using before-and-after satellite imagery to monitor the cultural destruction inflicted by Russia’s war in Ukraine, and would make its tracking platform public soon. Unesco said it had verified damage to 207 cultural sites including religious sites, museums, buildings of historical and/or artistic interest, monuments and libraries.

The United Nations’ aid chief, Martin Griffiths, said he was “relatively optimistic” that a UN-brokered deal allowing Black Sea grain exports from Ukraine would be extended beyond mid-November. Griffiths travelled to Moscow with senior UN trade official Rebeca Grynspan this month for discussions with Russian officials on the deal, which also aims to facilitate exports of Russian grain and fertiliser to global markets.

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