TheVoiceOfJoyce The misinformation and disinformation spread on legitimate Social Media platforms goes from ultra right platforms and through retweets, like or videos, amplifies Trumps lies, that the “2020” election was stolen. 69 + million people have viewed these lies and believe Democracy is in danger. One can only wonder why haven’t they fact checked the data? Several reasons, $100 millions and $Billions have been spent perpetuating these lies, by Republican 1% ers. There’s a lot of money involved for them. Looking at the big picture, they don’t want a strong Federal government, they’re not using Fed Infrastructure funding to improve their States, they’re assuring Corporate Greed is keeping inflation high and wages low and they’re not for Ukraine either, it’s in the RNC platform. Unfortunately, for the lower and middle class Republicans, they’re turned off by elections, hostile, curtailing voting rights, storming the offices of election oversight officials and creating mayhem. Too bad there isn’t community service for these disrupters, resulting in 100’s of hours, studying civil discourse, civics, politics and education about understanding the difference between research, facts and lies. Perhaps a short course in the use of Social Media Platforms is available, too. There are two week courses available! Why accept disrespectful and abusive behavior? Use the opportunity to educate those “ now terrified “ of the system. Then , charge the Perpetrators of misinformation and disinformation with a crime. One way, to decrease misinformation and disinformation on SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS. If it’s not possible to charge incites for a crime under the current Section 230 of the FCC Decency Law, change the Law. Why is America allowing election lies to flourish and undermine our democracy?

On the morning of July 8, former President Donald J. Trump took to Truth Social, a social media platform he founded with people close to him, to claim that he had in fact won the 2020 presidential vote in Wisconsin, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Barely 8,000 people shared that missive on Truth Social, a far cry from the hundreds of thousands of responses his posts on Facebook and Twitter had regularly generated before those services suspended his megaphones after the deadly riot on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6, 2021.

And yet Mr. Trump’s baseless claim pulsed through the public consciousness anyway. It jumped from his app to other social media platforms — not to mention podcasts, talk radio or television.

Within 48 hours of Mr. Trump’s post, more than one million people saw his claim on at least dozen other sites. It appeared on Facebook and Twitter, from which he has been banished, but also YouTube, Gab, Parler and Telegram, according to an analysis by The New York Times.

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