TheVoiceOfJoyce Why is there inflation in the US. Exxon Mobil just made $20 Billion profit this quarter and they’re subsidized by the US taxpayer. Thanks to the War in Ukraine, Carbon Emissions are raising exponentially and if they continue on this trajectory our Global temperatures will reach 1,5 degrees Celsius in 2025. Every country needs an expedited plan and program to reduce Carbon emissions now.

Oil company ExxonMobil has reported a quarterly profit of nearly $20bn (£17.3bn), $4bn more than analysts had forecast, almost matching the earnings of tech giant Apple.

The US oil giant’s $19.7bn profit for the third quarter smashed expectations, and even outstripped the record $17.9bn it reported for the previous quarter, as it became the latest fossil fuel producer to enjoy soaring earnings, a day after Shell announced global profits of $9.5bn between July and September.

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