TheVoiceOfJoyce researchers at Harvard, Syracuse, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Washington, University of Texas (Austin) and the University of Western Ontario have concluded that living in Republican States , under Republican policies, may have contributed to the deaths of 217,635 lives compared with the policies in liberal states, where 171,030 lives were likely saved in 2019. The Pandemic may have caused the biggest drop in US life expectancy since 1945. The study was published in Plos One, looking at community for the benefit of society today and in the future. When you vote in the mid terms, there’s an extra incentive to vote Democrat, your life really depends on voting Democratic, it’s an established fact. Republican policies increase their states citizens mortality! Those who live in Republican states have a life expectancy between Cuba and Albania. There is a direct correlation between policy and mortality: particularly when looking at gun safety ad suicide, working class alcohol & drug induced induced mortality. In more liberal states, Policies on the environment, gun safety, labor, economic taxes and tobacco taxes had a lower mortality in that State. #VoteDemocrat,Your life depends on it!

According to the National Council of State Legislatures, as of June this year Republicans controlled 61% of state legislatures and Democrats 35%. In terms of whole state governments, Republicans controlled 46% and Democrats 12%, with 12 states divided.

The study authors also noted that American life expectancy as a whole is lower than in most high-income countries, “fall[ing] between … Cuba and Albania”.

They wrote: “The rise in working-age mortality rates in the US in recent decades largely reflects stalled declines in cardiovascular disease mortality alongside rising mortality from alcohol-induced causes, suicide and drug poisoning; and it has been especially severe in some US states. Building on recent work, this study examined whether US state policy contexts may be a central explanation.”

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