TheVoiceOfJoyce A guaranteed basic income, contrary to the classists tropes, helps people to lift themselves out of poverty while caring for their kids. A basic living wage has been tried successfully in 48 cities. Stockton , California and Austin Texas have successful programs. In Austin, a basic living wage of $500 a month, supplemented a $17/ hr internship, allowing a single parent to attend a Community College Program offering certificate degrees. According to one of the attendees, stress was reduced , better parenting provided and he eventually graduated, moved to Seattle and got a decent job at 2.5 x’s his original Salary. The cash infusion helps many succeed and increases the prospects that their children will succeed as well. A good foundation, healthy food, a roof over your head, give you the incentive to succeed. Let’s vote for Democrats & independents this midterm, assuring that, in the next 2 yrs, the For the Families Act becomes Law!

Then came some unexpected good news: ACC was launching a new guaranteed income pilot program for student parents, and program officials wanted him to join. Participants would receive $500 a month for two years with a few conditions: they must enrol in nine credits each semester and attend monthly meetings with other student parents.

Buoyed by the extra income, Andrade signed up. “Five hundred isn’t anything to live off of, but it’s enough to make a difference,” he said. “I have some flexibility to take some risk.” Now, a year after enrolling in the program and on track to graduate, Andrade, 29, is living in Seattle with his partner and son, having recently accepted a full-time job as a contractor at a large technology company.

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