TheVoiceOfJoyce The battles for control of the Ukrainian countryside continue. Putin, through Erdogan has reinstated the grain agreement, allowing Ukrainian grain to be delivered to Africa and Asia. Putin continues to disable the electric grid in Kyiv and bombs a hospital’s maternity ward. Leveling, mining the provinces he annexed doesn’t create a hospitable atmosphere for supposedly will supporters of his annexation. The counteroffensive is on going and aircraft will soon give Zelensky air superiority. When it comes to a peace deal, Erdogan will be chosen to negotiate. To protect a common border with Kalingrad, Poland is building a secure border fence. No one in the region is assuming their borders are secure from Russian invasion. Though it seems unlikely Putin intends to operate on many more fronts. The weather in Kyiv ranges from the 50’s – 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Russia’s ministry of defence confirmed on Wednesday it would rejoin the Black Sea grain deal just days after it cut its participation due to the Ukrainian attack on the Russian Black Sea Fleet. In remarks reported by Russian state media, the Russian defence ministry said it had received written guarantees from Kyiv that Ukraine would not “use the grain corridor for combat actions against Russia”.

The decision is a dramatic about-face from the Kremlin in which Russia will return to the grain export deal with little to show in terms of concessions from Kyiv and the west. The move was announced first by Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

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