TheVoiceOfJoyce the major manufacturers and Corporate Polluters are concerned about the sustainability of our Agricultural methodologies. Their concern comes at a time when our weather patterns have shifted. Our crops are in peril and having lower yields. If we don’t change , 50% of our land and 70% of our water on the Planet will become unusable. To maintain 1.5 degrees Celsius there is a new urgency for change and the modern Corporations understand, they’ll change or they’ll die. Food production is 1/3 of all planet heating gasses emitted by human activity. To maintain viable Corporations food production must change. The King Charles lll report, studies 3 crops and makes recommendations for sustainability. They crops studied are potatoes, rice and wheat, all global staples. We can be skeptical about Corporate intentions, however, recognition of a problem, is the first step to solving it! One billion people globally work in the Agricultural industry. Our food and water resources effect us all!

Agriculture is the world’s largest industry. Pasture and cropland occupy around 50% of the planet’s habitable land and uses about 70% of fresh water supplies. The climate crisis is challenging the industry across the world but the group’s call for change comes as the industry – which employs 1 billion people – is facing supply chain issues in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic

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