TheVoiceOfJoyce Day 253, the IAEA, conforms Moscow’s talk of a Ukrainian dirty bomb were baseless. There’s been another modest prisoner exchange of the severely wounded and some Avovstal steel plant fighters from Mariupol have been returned . Many Ukrainians in Kherson have refused to leave their homes, they may be right, if the rumors of Russian retreat, from the areas is true. When people leave their homes, the cities will be leveled in battle. Why give Russia the opportunity to further destroy Ukraine? The war continues and the counteroffensive moves forward.

There has been suspicious movement in Kherson that may have some eager to celebrate what appears to be signs of a Russian retreat, but has others urging caution. The Russian flag has been removed from the Kherson regional administration building, located in the west bank area of the city where Ukrainian forces made significant advances a few weeks ago. Russian authorities who have been consistently forcibly relocating civilians in the region, claiming that it is for their safety as Ukrainian forces move closer, are now purportedly halting the relocations. But Natalia Humeniuk, a spokesperson for Ukraine’s Southern Command, is urging caution, saying Russia’s unusual manoeuvres in Kherson may be a trap to lure in Ukrainian forces.

Russian attacks in the Donetsk oblast and Kharkiv oblast have killed at least five civilians in the past day, officials said.

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