TheVoiceOfJoyce The American dream has ceased to exist for 26+ million Americans who have multiple jobs and can barely pay their bills. They’re always in debt and desperate to pay for rent and healthcare. Add in the 50 yr olds forced to leave a hollowed out workforce and you have a large section of the American population barely surviving. A universal basic living wage would be a help for many and a necessity to alleviate their despair. The US , is statistically, the most unequal of all the OECD Nations. We can do better. Several simple adjustments, allowing taxation of the top 10% would add enough revenue to resurrect the Middle Classes. Tax Derivatives 6%, tax all payroll levels for FICA contributions, institute a wealth tax on assets over $100 million 2-5%. Increase IRS capabilities to enforce and collect funding. Build housing with services for the homeless. Late Stage Capitalism has destroyed our 3 class system and the lower classes are paying the price with decreased life spans. We can do better.

An annual survey sponsored by the Federal Reserve Board estimated an even higher number of workers in multiple jobs, at 16.4% in 2019, about 26.5 million workers.

Many of these workers holding multiple jobs are doing so to try to make ends meet and often working longer than 40 hours a week.

Robert Weaver of Lawrence, Kansas, currently works two jobs as a theater technician and delivery driver, 30 to 35 hours a week at his primary job and about 20 at his second job.

He explained that he works two jobs because he cannot find a single, full-time position in his area that matches with his college degree. Most of his disposable income goes toward paying off credit cards, taxes, surprise bills like car repairs, and medical expenses.

“There isn’t enough money to be able to afford a home or even rent from just one job on your own,” said Weaver. “Everyone is in debt and it’s looking like we will never pay it off, ever.”

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