TheVoiceOfJoyce Day 257 and Zelensky fights on, though no power exists in Kyiv. There are rolling blackouts and permanent blackouts making life hard to sustain in the cold. Kyiv residents are being asked to move closer to the West or in with extended families, as they await the arrival of 500 generators from the EU. Zelensky, called Kherson, correctly. It’s now suspected to be a major battleground. Zelensky can’t lose. It seems both sides believe the fight for Kherson will determine the War. Fighting continues in Donetsk. Meanwhile, the Orthodox Church in Ukraine, has authorized the celebration of Christmas. Life goes on , with the battles, the destruction of a farmer’s museum and loss of power for water and food preparation. Life goes on!

seven regions of Ukraine throughout Monday, according to Ukraine’s state-run energy company. The regions include the city of Kyiv, and the regions of Kyiv, Chernihiv, Cherkasy, Zhytomyr, Sumy, Kharkiv and Poltava.

Kyiv’s mayor urged residents to prepare for a worst-case scenario by making emergency plans to leave the city and stay with friends or family. Vitali Klitschko urged residents to “consider everything” including loss of power and water. “If you have extended family or friends outside Kyiv, where there is autonomous water supply, an oven, heating, please keep in mind the possibility of staying there for a certain amount of time.”

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