TheVoiceOfJoyce The people and methodology used to track the World’s 72, 000 polluters. Al Gore’s non profit Climate Trace has several backers and collaborators giving us real time satellite data on polluters. With time of the essence for much of the Globe, use the data and integrate new plans to save resources and human life. Meanwhile, new industries bring new jobs and a better healthier lifestyle for everyone.

Climate TRACE’s other backers include the partners of Generation Investment Management, a firm started by Mr. Gore; Google’s philanthropic arm; and the charitable foundations of Eric Schmidt, the former chief executive of Google, and his wife, Wendy, and John Doerr, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, and his wife, Ann. Among Climate TRACE’s collaborators is Minderoo Foundation, which was founded by the Australian iron-ore magnate Andrew Forrest.

Mr. McCormick said Climate TRACE had “zero plans” to commercialize.

As befits its tech roots, the group has released its data and methods to the public before submitting them for scientific peer review, a process that can take years. Mr. McCormick said he and his collaborators were planning to write an academic study based on their work soon.

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