TheVoiceOfJoyce The COP27 is meeting and hearing the truth about the worsening of our Planet’s resource safety with uncontrolled Carbon and methane emissions from oil and gas production facilities. The 50 largest emitters are failing to track their emissions. Yet, it’s proven, they could save money and our Planet by plugging their leaks. Exxon Mobil, has been singled out for War crimes, because they knowingly knew the effects of Carbon and methane emissions and denied this reality. Now , the World will struggle to maintain ice caps on the Poles, our resources are dwindling and the Planet may heat beyond 1.5 degrees Celsius. There’s much we can do immediately with the political will. Increase renewable energy, reforest, use graphene in cement production, eliminate coal production, go to hydrogen production of steel, increase mangrove forests and decrease agricultural pollution. All these methodologies exist today and can be implemented immediately. Stop procrastinating and start work and boost our economic growth for the many.

Oil and gas production can leak methane, and the gas is also frequently flared intentionally, ostensibly for safety reasons but sometimes for convenience. Atmospheric levels of methane, a greenhouse gas about 80 times more powerful than carbon dioxide, have been rising strongly in recent years, but countries’ reported emissions of the gas have been found to be much lower than the reality.

The “shocking” under-reporting of emissions is a big problem in trying to tackle the climate crisis, according to Al Gore, former vice-president of the US, a founding member of the Climate Trace coalition.

“We can only manage what we can measure,” Gore told the Guardian at Cop27 in Egypt. “Climate Trace is the neighbourhood watch for the globe.”

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