TheVoiceOfJoyce The War continues and Zelensky made a plea to the World’s leaders at COP 27, to call a halt to Putin’s War on the basis of increased Carbon emissions. Many nations are now supplementing their energy with coal and our ice caps are melting. Many Ukrainians are without any power. Their grid has been repeatedly attacked and disabled by Russia. Russian land mines are a on going problem in the provinces and a danger to civilians trying to deactivate them. Fighting is fierce in the East and the South has concrete cones stationed close together making it difficult to advance. Air power may have to obliterate these defenses. More problematic, are the numbers of children deported to Russia. This is a cruel war, Russian conscripts dying, Ukrainians fighting bravely to save their homeland. Will the World’s leaders realize we’re all suffering because of Putin’s colonial aggression and Genocide of the Ukrainian people?

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