TheVoiceOfJoyce Nations are increasing Global Gas supply

In an effort to keep the EU warm during the winter months, we’ve over increased our global capacity to develop and sell liquid gas to the European community. We have excess supply. In the process we’re hastening global warming.

Africa can not afford to mine and supply more gas and coal. The continent has to invest in renewable energy or it will destroy their earth and have more famine. The US can’t afford to invest in new gas exploration either. Our warming continent continues and crop yields are decreasing rapidly for grains , we and the World need to survive.

Putin’s, ill advised War has caused great harm to Ukraine and the Global community.

Bill Hare, the chief executive of Climate Analytics, one of the partner organisations behind Climate Action Tracker, told the Guardian that the world had “overreached” in its attempts to fill the hole left by Russian gas. “There will be just too much,” he said. “The volume of import capacity of gas being built in Europe far exceeds the replacement needs.”

Developing countries ‘will need $2tn a year in climate

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