AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Lake effect snow continues to fall on Buffalo and Watertown, near the Ontario border. Up to 6 ft + expected when it stops this weekend. More snow expected for states surrounding the Great Lakes. In Europe they are experiencing high winds and rain. COP 27 agreements? So far 1, Europe will set up a fund for underdeveloped Nations? Major progress on the partial elimination of Fossil Fuels? Not yet.

One region commonly affected by lake-effect events is Buffalo, New York, and its surrounding area. Buffalo is located at the north-east end of Lake Erie, where these narrow trains of heavy snow showers, or even thunderstorms, often reach. Usually these snow showers are quite intense with the heaviest snowfall producing as much as 3-4in (7-10cm) an hour. So far, areas to the south of Buffalo have received 10-12in of snow by midday on Thursday. By the end of the weekend, these areas could see up to 4ft-6ft of snow. Coincidentally this snowfall event is likely to be the biggest since almost exactly eight years ago to the day, where Buffalo received 5ft of snow. Over the whole event, the affects will be more widespread than just the eastern flanks of Lakes Erie and Ontario, with heavy snowfall also being expected on the eastern flank of Lakes Michigan and

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