AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce This is a commercial for June Xie a Chinese cook from Jackson Heights teaching us how to cook for $20 a week. She a U tube phenomenon with her show BudgetEats.

Check out her approach to cooking. The French and I have cooked food in the style of the endless dinner. Experiment, add what you have and when your “stock” runs low, add what you have to your pot and keep cooking.

June Xie has her own methodology amounting to the same concept. An advocate of the Dollar up store for fresh fruit and vegetables. She experiments and is not afraid to try new foods, even food labeled $1 a bag because it’s no longer beautiful. No matter. I know from experience, fruit going bad, can be cooked with spices into a delicious compote/ dessert. Enjoy cooking on $20 week. Fun on a budget and nutritious.

She is a jazz cook, improvising with her ingredients, constantly turning yesterday’s dinner experiments into tomorrow’s breakfast – but many of the meals she comes up with are restaurant quality, full of unexpected flavour combinations and fresh produce. And most impressive is the way she can transform a $1 bag of vegetables that are close to going rancid into gourmet-looking ingredients that can be used all week.

She demonstrates these skills in a YouTube series called Budget Eats: a show where she shops on an imaginably small allowance in one of the world’s most expensive cities for groceries.

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