AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Therapists are in short supply. The stress of the Pandemic has caused many to seek therapy with little success.

In America, the stressors overburdening Americans are hard to alleviate. There is a therapist Registry in NYC and they’re trying to build an app for locating a therapist.

Look for Social Workers , psychologists and psychiatrists. Ask your family Doctor or Faith Charities. Anxiety and depression are major outcomes of the Pandemic. People have seen loved ones die, they’ve been lonely, finding it hard to work in a small apartment with a family and now, reintegrating into society is challenging.

Is your Corporation providing Healthcare? Are psychology visits Reimbursed? Our society has evolved and therapy and self awareness are positives, seek help, even if therapists are overwhelmed.

A study from the American Psychological Association (APA) published this week found that six in 10 psychologists “no longer have openings for new patients”. The shortage comes as demand for therapy soars: since the beginning of the pandemic, about three-quarters of practitioners have seen their waiting lists expand. In the same period, almost 80% of practitioners report an increase in patients with anxiety disorders and 66% have seen an increase in those needing treatment for depression.

“I started my private practice just before Covid hit, and it was certainly filling up then,” says Dr Jennifer Reid, a psychiatrist, writer and podcast host in Philadelphia. “But the numbers have exponentially risen since that time.” She has stopped advertising her practice on sites like Psychology Today, a key place where people can find therapists.

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