AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 153: “Empowerment”

Back to reality. Ever wonder what our World looks like without the hype ? Extremists? We’re living it.

Congress will have a new constituency and new focus. Let’s hope the new folks want progress and are willing to tackle the hard issues. To be safe, while we still have a Democratic majority, wouldn’t you like to see a for the Families Act passed? DACA kids given a road to citizenship? A war Production Act for the Climate?

We know, if we want a relationship, we hard to build trust. Congress has an opportunity to work together for us. The World’s leaders have an opportunity to work together at COP 27 and the G20.

Climate and War are on everyone’s mind. Do you think you can make meaningful progress without talking and listening to each other? For the news and what was said. Listen to my YouTube!

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