TheVoiceOfJoyce It never ceases to amaze me, when those with money and legislative power, decide who’s getting too much to eat with SNAP FUNDS. in 16 Republican states, legislators have decided the Covid emergency is over and their citizens are living high off SNAP money for food. Why have idle citizens, folks who are lazy , on the dole in their state? Since they lack empathy and understanding, Legislator’s cut off the Federal funding, forcing food insecurity once again and shifting the burden of feeding the poor onto non profits. Why vote for Lawmakers out of touch with your reality? Don’t you want to survive and thrive? When will the People decide their lives have worth and if we can subsidize Industries, that don’t need taxpayer money, why can’t we help taxpayers in need?

Before the repeal, the federal government had been giving recipients extra funds on top of their typical Snap allotment each month, a measure meant to mitigate heightened food insecurity during the Covid-19 pandemic. These top-offs, known officially as “emergency allotments”, amounted to at least $95 per household each month, and have been credited with helping poor families across the country put dinner on the table amid tumultuous times.

However, under program rules, emergency allotments are only available in states that have a Covid-19 emergency declaration in place. So when Kentucky lawmakers voted to remove the state’s declaration last March, the extra grocery money that residents had come to rely on disappeared alongside it.

Today, at least 16 other states have done the same, arguing that extended welfare programs are to blame for high unemployment and are a waste of taxpayer money.

The total amount of food assistance lost as a result is staggering: according to a new analysis by the Economic Hardship Reporting Project and the Guardian, states opting out of emergency allotments have collectively relinquished nearly $4bn worth of food stamps that would have gone toward helping their poorest residents avoid going hungry.

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