TheVoiceOfJoyce Fun fact for today. Modern hemp plants are not used for narcotics. Modern hemp plants grow 4 meters in 100 days and store 8-22 tones of Carbon in a year. The CO2 is permanently bound and can be used to produce other commodities. Be creative and grow hemp for industry producing new green products; textiles, insulation, car parts, etc. Happy Thanksgiving!

, modern varieties of hemp are too weak to use as narcotics, but they are extremely efficient at absorbing and locking up carbon.

Hemp is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world and can grow 4 metres high in 100 days. Research suggests hemp is twice as effective as trees at absorbing and locking up carbon, with 1 hectare (2.5 acres) of hemp reckoned to absorb 8 to 22 tonnes of CO2 a year, more than any woodland. The CO2 is also permanently fixed in the hemp fibres, which can go on to be used for many commodities including textiles, medicines, insulation for buildings and concrete; BMW is even using it to replace plastics in various car parts.

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