TheVoiceOfJoyce Day 274 and nothing emerges on the fighting. As I’m about to celebrate Thanksgiving, Ukrainians are suffering continuous missile attacks, 10 Ukrainians died overnight, generators are being requested from the EU, even Nuclear Power Plants have been shut down. In this cruel war, Moldova is suffering blackouts too. Russian mothers are angry that Putin doesn’t speak to them and hides in a bunker, coming out for State Propaganda only. Perhaps, if the women organize, they can bring down Putin’s rein? The women helped Stalin , can’t the reverse be true? In unity there is strength. We can strike in Solidarity.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy urged the United Nations security council to act against Russia over air strikes on civilian infrastructure that have again plunged Ukrainian cities into darkness and cold as winter sets in. Russia unleashed a missile barrage across Ukraine on Wednesday, killing 10 people, forcing shutdowns of nuclear power plants and cutting water and electricity supply in many places.

Neighbouring Moldova said it was suffering massive blackouts caused by the missile barrage and its EU-friendly president, Maia Sandu, accused Russia of leaving her country “in the dark”.

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