TheVoiceOfJoyce Our climate effects everyone. In Europe at least 20, 000 died from the heat. The floods of Pakistan took more lives. The floods, landslides, melting glaciers and slowing rivers are causing more deaths and hardships. All our deaths from Planet warming are man made. If our leaders can’t cooperate on a plan, then every citizen of every country must make a vow to reduce our Carbon footprint and insist on alternate fuels to power our world. How long do we support the use of Fossil Fuels? Everyday we use Fossil Fuels another resource becomes unavailable? How long can you live without food or water? There are ways to build better now. There are new methods of farming. It’s never too late to reverse our current trend of scarcity. Advocate for new fuels to power your world. Stop government subsidies of Fossil Fuels. Make power companies responsible for their clean up, of their toxic waste.

During the summer heatwaves temperatures exceeded 40C (104F) in London, areas in south-west France reached 42C and Seville and Córdoba in Spain set records of 44C. Analysis from the World Weather Attribution group of scientists found that such high temperatures would have been “virtually impossible” without the climate crisis.

In England and Wales, 3,271 excess deaths were recorded between 1 June and 7 September, according to the Office for National Statistics – 6.2% higher than the five-year average.

The analysis does not estimate heat-related deaths specifically, but the number of deaths was higher on average for heat-period days than non-heat-period days. Covid-19 deaths were excluded.

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