TheVoiceOfJoyce Open carry of guns, by armed militias, mainly Republicans, stops civil discourse and is not acceptable behavior, in the Public Square.

Why should any group be intimidated by opposing groups openly carrying guns? You come to a rally to debate, you’ve got a weapon, why aren’t those weapons, tagged and removed by law enforcement? They can be returned once the debate ends. Intimidation by guns isn’t civil debate, it’s no longer a debate, it’s a threat and has no place in the Public Square.

This month, armed protesters appeared outside an elections center in Phoenix, hurling baseless accusations that the election for governor had been stolen from the Republican, Kari Lake. In October, Proud Boys with guns joined a rally in Nashville where conservative lawmakers spoke against transgender medical treatments for minors.

In June, armed demonstrations around the United States amounted to nearly one a day. A group led by a former Republican state legislator protested a gay pride event in a public park in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Men with guns interrupted a Juneteenth festival in Franklin, Tenn., handing out fliers claiming that white people were being replaced. Among the others were rallies in support of gun rights in Delaware and abortion rights in Georgia.

Whether at the local library, in a park or on Main Street, most of these incidents happen where Republicans have fought to expand the ability to bear arms in public, a movement bolstered by a recent Supreme Court ruling on the right to carry firearms outside the home. The loosening of limits has occurred as violent political rhetoric rises and the police in some places fear bloodshed among an armed populace on a hair trigger.

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