TheVoiceOfJoyce The NRA says a waiting period doesn’t impede crime. They’re wrong. Give someone several days to rethink their behavior and it changes.

Mr Bing purchased his weapon in the morning and shot 6 coworkers later. He left a note, saying he was fighting about being called a serial killer? Then he becomes one? It makes no sense. All weapons should be checked in a store and a security guard on hand to tag weapons and return them once outside a building.

The safety of theirs is important?

The Walmart supervisor who shot and killed six of his co-workers at a store in Chesapeake, Va., this week purchased a pistol only hours before the massacre and left a note on his phone, in which he described planning to target some colleagues and spare others, according to new details released on Friday.

With loved ones of the victims continuing to mourn and a candlelight vigil planned by the city on Monday, the note provided the first indication of what led to the eruption of workplace violence on Tuesday night in a Walmart break room, where members of what has been described as a close-knit overnight team were gunned down.

As with a seemingly endless series of recent mass shootings across the country — through a Raleigh, N.C., neighborhood, at an Indiana mall’s food court, inside a Colorado nightclub — the employee’s ability to purchase the weapon and quickly use it provided yet another grim data point in the nation’s ongoing tug of war over gun violence.

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