TheVoiceOfJoyce If you’re a Climate scientist, or a Climate realist, use the platform and Mastadon and block the following misinformation #’s: ClimateScam, ClimateAction, ClimateCrisis. FYI: These #’s are used by Climate Deniers and do not represent reality or Science.

“Folks noticing a rise in climate denialism and disinformation is particularly worrying and I am concerned that it could slow climate action in ways that are devastating to economies, communities and health,” she said.

Michael Mann, a prominent climate scientist at University of Pennsylvania, said he has no immediate plans to depart Twitter but he’s noticed that climate disinformation has “become a bit more on the nose, with climate deniers who had been deactivated making a reappearance, and climate denial getting somewhat more traction”.

Mann has created a profile on Mastodon, a new social media site seen as an alternative to Twitter, and has been joined by a cadre of other climate scientists dismayed by Musk’s tenure. “I don’t think I’m getting much value from being on Twitter now, there are more interesting conversations happening at Mastodon,” said Bob Kopp, a Rutgers University climate scientist who expressed alarm at Twitter ending its policy on Covid-19 misinformation, which he said “tends to go hand in hand” with climate denialism.

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