TheVoiceOfJoyce After talks with Macron, Musk is relying on AI and content moderation to take down all sites with content harmful to children.

Musk is staying he’ll aggressively eliminate hate speech and harmful violent content, with no concern to bottom line profits. We’ll see!

Meanwhile, my Twitter space is a haven for Science and the truth on many subjects. @Grandmajsilver

On child safety Irwin said Twitter had shifted toward automatically taking down tweets reported by trusted figures with a track record of accurately flagging harmful posts.

The death of Twitter has dragged on too long. Please, Elon, put us out of our misery | Jack Vening

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Twitter is also more aggressively restricting abuse-prone hashtags and search results in areas including child exploitation, regardless of potential impacts on “benign uses” of those terms, she said.

“The biggest thing that’s changed is the team is fully empowered to move fast and be as aggressive as possible,” Irwin said.

Her comments come as researchers reported a surge in hate speech on the social media service, after Musk announced an amnesty for accounts suspended under the company’s previous leadership that had not broken the law or engaged in “egregious spam”.

The company has faced pointed questions about its ability and willingness to moderate harmful and illegal content since Musk slashed half of Twitter’s staff and issued an ultimatum to work long hours that resulted in the loss of hundreds more employees.

On Friday, Musk vowed “significant reinforcement of content moderation and protection of freedom of speech” in a meeting with the French president, Emmanuel Macron.

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