TheVoiceOfJoyce Just like Putin’s myths, there’s no point in claiming responsibility for striking missile or oil depots within Russia.

Ukraine’s counteroffensive is working. The better trained Russian troops are limited by their antiquated kit. They may not be able to survive the winter.

Talks are underway for Russia to relinquish control of the Zaporizhizhia Nuclear Power Plant. That would be good for nuclear security and for the region.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian defensive weapons deterred 70% of Russia’s incoming missiles. Perhaps, on day 286, the tide of War is changing.

A drone attack has set an oil storage tank on fire at an airfield in Kursk, the Russian region’s governor has said, a day after Ukraine appeared to launch audacious drone attacks on two military airfields deep inside Russian territory.

At least four people were killed on Monday, Volodymyr Zelenskiy said, amid Russian strikes during which 60 of 70 missiles were shot down. The strikes targeted Ukraine’s critical infrastructure, the air force said. Energy workers had already begun work on restoring power, said Zelenskiy, the Ukrainian president. Officials said airstrikes destroyed homes in the south, knocked out power in the north and killed at least two people.

Russia’s defence ministry said Ukrainian drones attacked two airbases at Ryazan and Saratov in south-central Russia, killing three servicemen and wounding four, with two aircraft damaged. Ukraine did not directly claim responsibility for what would represent the deepest strikes inside the Russian heartland since Moscow invaded Ukraine on 24 February.

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