TheVoiceOfJoyce Ukrainian counteroffensive continues and has proven Russia’s annexed provinces are not controlled by Russia.

In many battles, the Ukrainians are seizing territory. Russia main weapon of choice, 1000’s of missiles are cruelly freezing the Ukrainian populace and eliminating their ability to keep warm and maintain water supplies.

Russia wants the Ukrainian landmass and not the Ukrainian people. Zelensky needs weapons to continue an effective counteroffensive, making a war in the spring, unnecessary.

Our Basketball hero, Brittney Griner is released from Russian prison and on her way home. She was exchanged for the notorious arms dealer, Victor about.

Ukrainian hospitals and POW centers are open for Red Cross inspection and Russian’s are maintaining secrecy on their treatment of Ukrainian prisoners of War.

The US has passed a large weapons supply bill for the Ukraine and the Ukrainians will use them strategically to their advantage.

Talks between Russia and the United States on securing an exchange of high-profile prisoners are making only sporadic progress, a top Russian diplomat said in comments published on Thursday. The two countries have been examining ways of conducting an exchange to enable jailed Americans Brittney Griner and Paul Whelan to go free. Moscow has made it known it would like convicted arms dealer Viktor Bout to be included in any deal.

Nato’s secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, has said Russia is attempting to “freeze” the fighting in Ukraine over the winter to prepare its forces for a renewed assault early next year. Stoltenberg urged Nato allies to continue sending weapons to Kyiv over the winter, adding that the conditions for a peaceful settlement to the war are “not there now”.

Ukraine’s foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba, said 31 “suspicious packages” had been sent to Ukrainian missions in 15 countries. In the past week, Ukraine says its embassies and consultants across Europe have received “bloody” packages, some containing animal eyes, in what Kyiv has described as a “campaign of terror and intimidation”.

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