TheVoiceOfJoyce The COP27 was dominated by the interests of major agricultural businesses, promoting pseudoscience, instead of solutions to world food scarcity and lack of biodiversity.

When 90% of the World’s farmers are small farmers, why aren’t Nations promoting what works and give indigenous voices a chance to be heard? When Roosevelt wanted to understand desertification, he sent aides to the Sahara desert. He listened to people and gradually we reclaimed our land and resources.

Now, the entire World is in crisis. What happens in America and other industrialized Nations is effecting our Planet. 1/3 rd of all Carbon emissions comes from industrialized agriculture. Globally, big Agra is subsidized with $540 Billion Dollars. Do we give equal subsidies and real estate tax breaks to the small farmers or the indigenous people?

There is no Planet B. How are we going to maintain our Planet at 1.5 degrees Celsius warming? There are solutions for adaptation and mitigation, who will be involved in change that preserves our lives? Who will continue to speak out for what’s right?

In some ways, this year’s UN climate summit held in Egypt was all about food. In the context of crop failures and food insecurity, due to extreme weather and dwindling diversity, as well as rising food prices exacerbated by Russia’s war in Ukraine and the tight grip of corporate monopolies – Cop27 included the first ever day dedicated to food and climate.

Scientists are clear that the interconnected climate, environmental and food crises require bold transformative action to drastically reduce greenhouse gases and improve resilience. Food systems produce a third of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. Cattle ranching is the main driver of Amazon rainforest loss, while industrialized food production is the biggest threat to 86% of the world’s species at risk of extinction.

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