TheVoiceOfJoyce an amicus brief has been filed by two ex Israeli intel officials claiming social media platforms aid and abet terrorism. The algorithms used by AI help to radicalize users. The way to prevent Social Media Platforms from using AI in a harmful manner requires changing Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act and by implementing the EU’s legislation (GDPR) to fine corporations promoting violence, hatred and abusive behavior.

Ex-Israeli intel officials to SCOTUS: Social media platforms aid, abet terrorism

The sophisticated algorithms that generate enormous revenue for social media platforms are being abused to radicalize and incite new members to commit terror attacks,” Tolchin said. “Big Tech companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter must be incentivized to use their technology to interrupt the deadly wave of terrorism that is not abating. It can only be done the old-fashioned way, where Big Tech will feel it in the pocketbook. No company should be immunized from suit when it aids and abets terrorists.”

The Shurat HaDin Law Center in Tel Aviv, whose president Nitsana Darshan Leitner represents the Gonzalez family, welcomed the amicus brief. 

“The amicus brief is nothing but an indictment against the multi-billion internet giants which scarified the lives of millions around the world for an extra buck added to the value of their shares. Instead of using their advanced algorithms to create a safer environment on their platforms, they used it to spread hate and violence,” Darshan Leitner said. “We trust SCOTUS will see the injustice created by the platforms’ misuse of the extraordinary protection granted to them almost three decades ago, which they neither need nor deserve today”. 

Additional amicus briefs were filed by Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri, Facebook, the American Civil Liberties Union, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, the National Police Association and a large number of US states. 

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