TheVoiceOfJoyce Putin’s war is ongoing. Drone strikes are being repelled. The Ukrainian city of Kherson is under fresh attacks. Kyiv is prepared for battle and lacks infrastructure. The Russian army is building trenched and booby trapping areas to slow the Ukrainian counteroffensive. Zelensky needs the Patriot Defense system and long range missiles. This is war, only Russia has no limits to their strike capability. Strategically, it is necessary for Ukrainians to have weapons not to wipe our Russian fortifications in their cities decisively. The towns and buildings are already destroyed. Refugees have left and 1/3 of Ukrainians in Germany, wish to remain. Belarus is collaborating with Russian forces, preparing for battle? Many fronts and the world waits for a Ukrainian decisive victory. Give them the weapons they need now!

Russian shelling has killed two people on Thursday in the centre of the recently liberated city of Kherson in southern Ukraine, a senior Ukrainian official has said. Kyrylo Tymoshenko, deputy head of the president’s office, said on the Telegram messaging app that the two were killed about 100 metres from the regional administration building, which was hit in shelling on Wednesday.

Ukrainian forces shelled the Russian-controlled eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk overnight in some of the biggest attacks for years, Russian-installed officials in the annexed areas said on Thursday. “At exactly seven o’clock this morning they subjected the centre of Donetsk to the most massive attack since 2014,” Alexei Kulemzin, the Russian-backed mayor of the city, said on Telegram.

Russian foreign ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said on Thursday that all weapons supplied to Ukraine by the west were legitimate targets for Russia, and that they would be either destroyed or seized.

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