TheVoiceOfJoyce In Great Britain, the NHS personnel and ambulance workers are striking, along with the Rail Roads and other key services. Taxpayers funded services have stagnated for 10 years. They’re understaffed and can’t keep up with 10% inflation. They want a much needed raise and benefits. Everyone is looking for the Prime Minister to negotiate a settlement labor can live with.

Thousands of nurses have gone on strike in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, as the prime minister, Rishi Sunak, insisted he would not back down in the face of Britain’s most significant wave of industrial action in a generation.

From rail journeys to Christmas card deliveries and passport checks at airports, key services across Britain are being hit by industrial action, which has intensified in the run-up to Christmas.

Tuesday’s nurses’ strike was the second of two days of industrial action – the first time they have ever held a nationwide strike – as workers fight to protect their living standards in the face of soaring inflation.

This will be followed on Wednesday by a day-long stoppage by ambulance staff.

Trade unions have struck “life and limb” agreements, which they say will ensure emergencies are properly dealt with; but bosses from Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) have warned that some patients may be put at risk.

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