TheVoiceOfJoyce What happened in America. Zelensky came away with a $45 Billion aid package and hopes he’ll be able to build his defenses quickly. We really don’t know if Putin will rest or send more drones and men into the Ukraine, stressing battle weary men on both sides. One thing is clear, for our Allie’s sake and for global food security and the sovereignty of Nations, Ukraine use win this War against both Putin and Iran and, if necessary, against Belarus. Putin has escalated the Ukrainian War, when does it end? It ends in my opinion, when Zelensky can fight back on equal footing hitting strategic targets.

And while Congress is expected to soon pass a $45 billion package of additional arms and support for Ukraine, over the objections of a small but vocal group of Republicans, the longer-term question hovering over the discussions in Washington is how to think about helping Ukraine if the war stretches on for years, as many senior officials now say they expect.

Mr. Putin, they say, may have given up his hopes — at least for the next few years — of taking the entire country.

But they fully expect him to conduct a long, grinding conflict in the south and east, centered on the provinces he has declared are part of Russia. Mr. Putin himself got a bit of the last word on Wednesday, saying he would spend whatever it takes, and take whatever time is required, to meet his goals.

Clearly, so will Mr. Zelensky.

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