TheVoiceOfJoyce Last years news on Healthcare and Health in America. We have to do better. Our life expectancy continues to decrease. People are carrying and being harassed by hospitals for debt. Much of it unexplained and not alleviated through hospital channels. Instead, in a stressful situation, people recovering from severe illness are forced to confront a mountain of debt, debt collectors and worse, impacted credit scores. What’s the Public to do? Fight back and demand Americans are given a standard of care, procedures and prices are posted and uniform throughout our Country. Let’s take profit out of healthcare and replace it with a standard of care and reasonable pricing that is reimbursed by Medicare and the advantage plans. Otherwise, let’s take out the middleman and advocate for Medicare for all! Merry Christmas.

What if Yale finds out?” William Wan revealed that the university had pressured suicidal students to withdraw from school and then apply to get back in. Current and former students then sued Yale.

— One sobering statistic: Firearms killed more children and adolescents in 2020 than car accidents, which had long been the leading cause of death for young people, according to an analysis by Dan Keating. 

— And around the D.C.-area … Tension over the role of racism in public health strained a Virginia agency under Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin. The state’s chief public health official, Colin Greene, rejected the state-recognized declaration that racism is a public health crisis and downplayed the role of racism in health disparities — and that left some fearing for their jobs, Jenna Portnoy reported.

And beyond…

— Politico’s Josh Gerstein and Alexander Ward landed a massive story. A majority of the Supreme Court was poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, an initial draft opinion showed. The bombshell report quickly upended the political landscape, catapulting the issue to the forefront of the upcoming midterm elections.

— Another staggering statistic: More than 100 million Americans are saddled with health-care debt, per Kaiser Health News’s Noam N. Levey. That’s one of the data points from a series exploring the scale and causes of medical debt from KHN and NPR.

— Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America has lost its edge, Stat’s Rachel Cohrs reported. The major drug lobby “couldn’t muster the money or the clout” to stop Democrats from passing legislation allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, a major defeat for the industry. “PhRMA may have watered the major reforms down, but it didn’t mount a pressure campaign like it has in the past,” Rachel wrote.

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