TheVoiceOfJoyce Covid in China isn’t over and travel restrictions have been lifted. To allow freedom of movement, the CDC is proposing to sample wastewater from planes, to determine if new Omicron variants are being carried here. So far, as Covid mutates, only the Omicron is involved. If you’re unvaccinated, Covid can be lethal. If vaccinated, even the elderly are surviving bouts with Covid.

Officials say the complaints — most alleging discrimination based on disability, race or sex — reflect grievances that amassed during the worst public health crisis in a century and the most divisive civil rights climate in decades. The complaints were logged as schools struggled to recover from pandemic-related closures, and add to the declining test scores and growing mental health challenges that display the fragility in large parts of the country’s education system.

Catherine Lhamon, the assistant secretary for civil rights, said the jump in the number of complaints, which have not yet been made public but will be reflected in the office’s annual report in the coming months, is both encouraging and sobering.

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