TheVoiceOfJoyce Space the next frontier is coming back into focus. NASA has launched a mission to view the far side of the moon. It’s successful mission puts us back on the moon in several years. The Webb telescope is amazing, capturing the birth of our Galaxy. The photo of Jupiter is sharp and clear, NASA has become an steroid killer, just in case. Water on Mars, makes a landing and habitat feasible. America will once again reach for the stars, I’m optimistic, great scientific breakthroughs occur when we explore space and those discoveries are not limited to Space. Jet Propulsion Labs was instrumental in sequencing DNA, when not pursuing flight.

Orion splashed down in the Pacific Ocean on 11 December, 50 years to the day since two Apollo 17 astronauts became the last of only 12 moonwalkers in history. Mission managers are still assessing data from the Artemis mission but the program looks on track for a crewed lunar flyby in 2024 and a scheduled moon landing the year after.

A glimpse of creation

In July, the $10bn James Webb space telescope sent back the highest resolution images ever seen of distant galaxies as they were billions of years ago, promising astronomers a glimpse into the dawn of creation.

An image of Jupiter taken by James Webb space telescope, shows the planet’s weather patterns, tiny moons, altitude levels, cloud covers and auroras at the northern and southern poles. Photograph: Nasa/AFP/Getty Images

The stunning clear color pictures of the unseen universe were hailed by the Nasa chief, Bill Nelson, as a new era in astronomy, showcasing Webb’s ability to peer back 13.5bn years, close to the big bang. “We are going back almost to the beginning,” he said.

In November, Webb found two more galaxies, one that may have formed just 350m years after the big bang.

A moving occasion

Nasa says Dart mission succeeded in shifting asteroid’s orbit

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In a “watershed moment for planetary defense” in September, Nasa crashed a multimillion-dollar, car-sized spacecraft into an asteroid the size of a football stadium and proved for the first time it could alter the orbit of a celestial body.

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