TheVoiceOfJoyce The underwater kelp farms, hugging every coast, covers millions of acres and provides nutrients and a carbon sink. At COP 15 & 27 ,the World agreed to save 30% of the Ocean’s mass. Our coastlines, rich in kelp and biodiversity, are the place to start. There are unlimited benefits from maintaining our kelp / seaweed! Man needs the oxygen and the nutrients.

Still from My Octopus Teacher, set in a rich stretch of giant bamboo kelp spreading north from Cape Town to the Namibian coastline. Photograph: Netflix

Seaweed forests can act as a vital buffer against the climate crisis, absorbing carbon dioxide from seawater and the atmosphere. Ocean forests may store as much carbon as the Amazon rainforest, according to one analysis.

Yet there is still a sizeable gap in understanding of seaweed’s long-term ability to sequester carbon, because it lacks a root system to lock the carbon into the ground, unlike other marine plants such as mangroves and seagrass. Whether carbon stays locked up also depends on what happens to the seaweed, and there is still scientific debate on how effective it is at storing the element.

Kelp provides food and shelter for fish, marine animals and birds. Photograph

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