TheVoiceOfJoyce Weather extremes are the norm. The 4-5 inches of rain in the Sacramento area comes amidst a drought. The earthquakes felt before the New Year occurred in the Rio Del region. All these weather disturbances are an introduction to 2023 weather patterns. Unless we decrease fracking, mining and Fossil Fuel emissions of all types, expect the California weather patterns to become more extreme. There is a direct correlation between Carbon and methane emissions and weather extremes. If we don’t want useless land, all Fossil Fuel emissions have to decline. The destruction from weather extremes outweighs the benefits of Fossil Fuel usage.

The Sacramento region could receive a total of four to five inches of rain over the span of the week, Chandler-Cooley said.

The extreme weather came amid the longer-term picture of a historic mega-drought in the area and the wider region, punctuated by devastating wildfires over a prolonged season, that adds up to a climate disaster in the American west.

Meanwhile, almost 300 miles north-west of Sacramento, an earthquake, preliminarily reported at a magnitude of 5.4, hit the area near Rio Dell on Sunday, in Humboldt county.

No injuries were reported but the temblor came weeks after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake in the same region on December 20, which killed two people and caused widespread power outages.

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