TheVoiceOfJoyce Bernie Sanders is now head of the HELP Committee in Congress, responsible for our Healthcare, prescription drugs, education and childcare. He’s well aware of the burdens facing the Middle Class and the poor and the battle to curb Corporate power & insurance power in order to give all Americans affordable healthcare, living wages, affordable drugs and better education and childcare. How can we help him, help us? Corporate greed has caused our State of Inequality and inflation. Labor hasn’t gotten a raise in the minimum wage in 10 years. At Amazon, they cover over an employee, who dies on the job and work around him? Why are Corporations allowed to dehumanize us and have no policies in place to deal with loss of life? Americans suffer because Corporations pursue egregious profits only!

we have a dysfunctional healthcare system in which we spend the astronomical and unsustainable sum of nearly $13,000 for every man, woman and child, twice as much as most developed countries and almost 20% of our GDP. Yet, despite that huge expenditure, 85 million Americans are uninsured or underinsured and we have worse health outcomes and lower life expectancy than many other nations. While the insurance companies make huge profits, over 500,000 people declare bankruptcy each year from medically related debt, and over 68,000 die because they can’t afford the care they need. Our complicated and fragmented system is so broken that it cannot even produce the number of doctors, nurses, dentists and mental health personnel that we desperately need.

As a nation, we must focus on the reality that the function of a rational healthcare system is to provide quality care for all, not simply huge profits for the insurance industry.

Today, as we pay by far the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs, the pharmaceutical industry is making record-breaking profits and more than a few executives in drug companies are becoming billionaires. Meanwhile, despite billions in government investment in prescription drug research and development, nearly one out of four Americans are unable to afford the medicine their doctors prescribe and too many seniors are splitting their lifesaving pills in half because they can’t afford them. And because Medicare doesn’t cover dental, hearing and vision, there are millions of seniors who are trying to survive without these basic healthcare needs.

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