TheVoiceOfJoyce 2022 was the hottest year on record since we started measuring the earth’s temperatures! Every year for the last 8 years has been hotter than the previous year. Madagascar is looking at millions of animals going extinct. We may witness the collapse of biodiversity in many regions, that’s what happened millions of years ago, when the earth turned tropical. Is climate adaptation and mitigation your priority?

Globally, 2022 was the fifth warmest year on record, with the last eight years collectively being the eight warmest on record, according to Copernicus. The average global temperature in 2022 was 1.2C higher than the average across the reference period 1850-1900.

This temperature increase was not uniform across the world. La Niña conditions caused lower temperatures across the Pacific region, meaning that Australia and South America tended to be cooler than average in 2022.

However, temperatures were far higher in the northern hemisphere, especially in the Arctic and Europe. Temperatures are rising twice as fast as the global average in Europe and four times as fast in the Arctic.

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